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rtAround Studio is a nonprofit organization in Palmdale, California, with goals to provide opportunities for artists, experienced or student, to create art with fellow dedicated artists. It started as a response to changes in art educational opportunities for local artists.

Open Studio was the first program offered, where artists painted or drew from a live costumed model in a creative set up. It is an uninstructed session where art techniques and principles in portrait and figure study are practiced, using the media of choice. The program is in its fifth year, offered on Saturday mornings at Coffee House Ideas.

ArtAround Studio facilitates special sessions like Quick Sketch and Gesture drawings, ideal for those seeking a career in animation. A 4 hour Figure Painting (undraped) session was held at Lancaster’s Museum of Art and History (MOAH) as a special event this year.

ArtAround Studio

In April of 2017, ArtAround Studio was approached by the City of Lancaster to take over art classes in their Parks, Recreation and Arts Department. To increase registration, ArtAround Studio reduced the class fee by 60 %. Since then, classes have been at full capacity and had waiting lists at times.

These art classes have evolved into a program which introduces elementary school aged students to different art genres like Impressionism, Abstract Art and Pop Art. Students learn to present their art to the class, give and receive constructive critiques and engage in art collaborations. ArtAround Studio has exhibited children’s art in both Lancaster and Palmdale.

Creative Camp is another program that ArtAround Studio facilitated through the Parks, Recreation and Arts Department. It is a 4-day (3 hour) camp at MOAH where the participants are engage in art activities which include a museum tour.

ArtAround Studio’ s teaching staff is led by local artist Betty Ermey. She is assisted by a group of young artists in an apprenticeship program that provides valuable work experience.


Thank You

ArtAround Studio is made possible by the generosity of Coffee House Industries, for making the studio available for the artists’ use.

Lancaster West Rotary provided a grant to help pay for model fees and program enhancement. George Rasmussen of Farmers Insurance, Andy Meyers of American Data Plates and Izzy’s Taco House.

The programs are facilitated by ArtAround Studio Staff and Volunteers, with a lot of help from family and friends. While the programs are free to the community, donations by the participating artists are greatly appreciated.

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